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I <3 you Wafflebot

A while back I had mentioned to Karen that I hadn't seen a 3D movie in at least a decade. The current spate of 3D movies had completely passed me by and it was with a bit of wry amusement that I watched it come back into vogue. I could only imagine that the technology had gotten better in the interim and was curious in seeing just how much better. Karen suggested catching the new Harold and Kumar movie and so this past Tuesday we trekked over to the AMC to give 3D a whirl.

I really liked the first Harold and Kumar movie, though in general I'm not a huge fan of stoner films. Seeing as I've never tried illegal drugs of any sort, it's probably hard to relate. I had been aware the next Harold and Kumar movie was going to come out for a while thanks to Earl on facebook who spent what felt like weeks posting status updates and links about the movie. I still think that he must've been paid by the studio under the table to pimp the film. If so, it worked and was at least partially responsible for 2 more paid admittances.

All in all, the movie was a lot of fun and the 3D effects were pretty amazing. It hit all the highnotes you might expect out of a Harold and Kumar movie: making fun of racial stereotypes, insane situations, a little titillation, and a couple EWWW moments to boot. Not to mention, Neil Patrick Harris returns once more and everything's better with a little NPH.

It's probably juvenile of me but I find NPH's character in the movies to be absolutely hilarious. The irony of him playing the poon hound to end all poon hounds is sweet. They even worked in him coming out of the closet this time around, managing to include his real partner into the schtick as they're only pretending to be gay in the film, no doubt as a ploy to score strange.

There was also a bit of a product placement tie-in, or at least I hope that's what it was. Meet Wafflebot.

Wafflebot plays a significant part in the movie and is basically part wafflemaker and part Omnibot. Observe the pictorial representation below.

It took me a while to actually put together what the robot design was reminding me of before a flash of nostalgia showed me the way. I wouldn't mind owning a Wafflebot as it will surely become the gift of the year, dispensing justice, love, and waffles in equal proportion. I haven't seen any actually for sale yet but my faith in the American propensity to earn a buck means it'll appear before far too long. Then we'll probably see lawsuits as shoddy manufacturing leaves people with 3rd degree maple syrup burns.

In addition to giving me a hankering for waffles, the movie was flat out hilarious. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to watch that light pole scene from A Christmas Story without cringing a little.

And Flick thought he had it bad. The kid has no freaking idea.

It was also interesting that partway through the movie, everything shifted to claymation for a while. I guess it was inevitable given that it was satirizing christmas movies and who doesn't love Rudolph and the other claymation films?

It also felt like a shout-out to Ghostbusters and the StayPuft marshmallow man.

All in all, I really liked the movie and the 3D was impressive. I'm sorta interested in looking back through recent 3D offerings and seeing what else I've missed. I've always felt 3D was a gimmick, and I'm not sure it'll move into the standard even with the profusion of 3D tv's and the new Nintendo DS. The tech has gotten to the point where it doesn't look cheesy though, and it offers quite a bit of eye candy.
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