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Manah manah! Do doo de doo-doo.

Just got back from a midnight showing of The Muppet movie. Karen had I had planned to go see it tomorrow but there was a weird snafu with all the AMC show listings online and so we just went today instead. I have to say, I never was a huge fan of the muppets as a kid. In fact, I don't even recall watching The Muppet Show, and I couldn't say for a fact that I actually saw it on tv as opposed to seeing clips online over the years.

My biggest pro-muppet experience happened when I was already in college at Rutgers and working in an Animal Feeding and Behavior lab in the psychology department. I was rummaging around in the lab one day and found an old cassette tape that someone had left behind of songs from The Muppet Show. I took it with me on a lark and popped it into my car's tape deck. For some obscure reason, that lead to my friends and I constantly singing the Manah Manah song as we drove around, whether the tape was playing or not. I have no clue how long this went on for, but I recall that even after it had generally stopped, it would pop back out of nowhere sporadically whenever someone said 'manah manah'.

So on to the movie itself. It was pretty spiffy all around. Even before the movie started there was a great Toy Story short all about what happens to old 'Happy Meal' toys. It was spiffy as hell.

Watching it made me want to collect T-Bone and the rest of his transforming meat product friends. How could you not love them and want to root them on as they battle the evil Vegetaricons. I even found a little animated icon of T-bone transforming.

I should definitely upload it and start using it as an icon.

Anyway, The Muppet movie itself was spiffy. As with recent muppet movies, it was part musical with maybe a half dozen musical numbers. There were also a lot of cameos as you might imagine. Whoopi Goldberg, some teenyboppers from kid shows, James Carvile, Sara Silverman, Neil Patrick Harris, and probably craploads more I'm either forgetting or didn't catch. Looking at the cast list I can see clearly that I missed a shitload of people, even ones that I should recognize on sight. I wonder if I was just oblivious or some of them were stuffed into the audience/crowd scenes and went by in a flash.

They also made what was clearly a concerted effort to show just about every single muppet from the old Muppet Show. There were plenty I didn't even recognize but every muppet I could think of was there, even the Bolshevik exploding muppet and Rizzo the Rat. Every one of them got their small moment in the sun, no doubt appeasing the small fan base of diehards each obscure muppet has out on the web. They even had the Omnibot as '80's robot' in the show. I was sorta baffled why they didn't just call it Omnibot, but I figured they wanted it to be accessible and most people, who aren't geeks, probably don't even remember the thing even if they grew up in the 80's.

So all in all, the movie was great. I could nitpick a few things but as a whole package I loved it. I'm not sure if this will cause some giant resurrgence in muppet fandom, given the fact that the Muppet Christmas Carol was also fan-freaking-tastic and failed to really revive the franchise. You never know though. It seems that studios get more and more lazy every year and this is practically spoonfeeding them an easy series of movies with a very recognizable brand. The movie is getting great reviews and I'm sure it'll make a mint at the box office, not to mention home video sales. So maybe we'll see more muppets to come in the years ahead. As long as they keep it at this level, I can't wait.
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