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As an elephant's eye

I just had the weirdest dream. I dozed off a couple hours ago and I think my subconscious is going batty. Usually I can sort out where my dreams are coming from. The nightmares all have general themes I'm familiar with and as for the rest, a lot usually boils down to what I've been seeing or thinking of lately. If I watch a bunch of anime involving space battles and ray guns, it wouldn't be unusual to find bits and pieces of it turning up in my dreams. The one tonight wasn't strange per se, it's just that I have no clue where it came from.

For some inexplicable reason I was a reporter for NBC news and I had been sent into the sticks to do a story on the equivalent of dirt farmers. Actually, the sticks is probably generous here. It was more like the twigs. So I find the local farmer I'm supposed to do the news story on because he's found some way to farm using beat up old cars and a tractor/harvester monstrosity he built himself. I find him manning a trailer/convenience store which is apparently his other line of work selling dice and nudie cards among other things. As we shoot the breeze about how 'The Man' sucks, there's a delivery of cows and pigs and I rush over to watch the ship come in.

That's right...the ship. For some reason there are gargantuan ships that apparently sail on land and are hundreds upon hundreds of feet tall, one loaded with cows roaming around and another with pigs. As the ships stop, a cow actually falls off the bow and goes splat. I try to make my way over to the ships to I can do an interview and giant piles of pig and cow shit are falling hundreds of feet to splat on the ground on either side. I end up stepping in these monster piles. Did I mention that for some also inexplicable reason I'm no longer wearing shoes? I felt like I was trying to clop my way through a mud trap.

At that point the phone rang, I woke up, and did a mental WTF? Anyone want to analyze this piece of crap?
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