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The rewards of not procrastinating

Today was housing registration for Gencon. In years past I would have been in front of the computer with multiple windows open and, in the past few years, with friends on speakerphone all ready to rush the website at the stroke of noon (or whenever). The carnage, the devastation, the repeated white screens telling you the site wouldn't load along with the copious amounts of swearing. No, wait, that's event reg. That's not to say that hotel reg wasn't almost as painful though. You could even argue that it was even worse since the implications were greater. If you miss getting tickets to an event, you miss an event which sucks. If you miss getting the hotel you want it can fubar and impact almost every part of gencon.

This year, however, I was able to let reg day breeze on by without a care. Thanks to some facebook posts by gencon friends, I had gotten a heads up about the Homewood Suites a few days after getting back from the convention. My friends and I had always stayed at the Embassy but the Homewood Suites offered the exact same amenities we wanted along with a kitchen in each suite and was actually cheaper to boot. Add to it the fact that I was able to reserve a room months ago without having to rely upon the lottery of the housing block and it was a win-win-win situation.

Now I just have to take this lesson and apply it to Killer Breakfast. Last year's procrastination just about did me in and I was a walking zombie for most of the con due to lack of sleep. I've said repeatedly I want to avoid that sort of fiasco this year, but it's one thing to say it and another to actually do it. Not to mention planning is always more problematic now given the fact that we aren't all in one place and it has to all be done over email. That makes the crafty elements hard and there's a tendency to put it off until I get to Chicago around a week before the con. Then it's just a race with the devil and pot luck as to how many things go wrong at the last minute.

Frankly, I'm not all that sanguine about my no-procrastination pledge anyway. Considering that I never did recap the con or pop up pictures from all sorts of things I meant to in the half month since then. I should just set myself a schedule and stick to it but it's always easier to just drift and go with the flow.
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