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You've got 99 problems son, and bitches are all of 'em

I popped over to Connie's place earlier today because it was once again time for Papermill night. This time around Karen and I were seeing Boeing Boeing. Maybe I should have looked before now, but I wasn't aware it even had a wiki page. It's apparently the most performed French play throughout the world, which frankly doesn't say much for French literature IMO, but more on that later.

So I went to Connie's place a few hours before the show and figured I would pass the time just loafing around and messing with the kids. I got to go through the same routine with Morgan which I've repeated a few times now where she absolutely doesn't recognize me and vacillates between fascination and freak out. I guess I just don't see her often enough for recognition to sink in. All it takes is a week or two for her to have completely forgotten I exist and then it's the same old introduction sequence once again.

I hadn't eaten before going to Connie's but there's always snack food around thanks to the prevalence of kids. I figured I would snag some chips or goldfish or whatever, but it turns out that they were planning to go out once Jeff got home. Shelley was also hanging around since she had the day off and so it became a group trip to a thai restaurant in Maplewood, the next town over. Apparently calling ahead and telling them you're going to be arriving in 5 minutes with 8 people and having them tell you they can accommodate you is no guarantee. Upon arriving they said there was now no room and it would take 20 minutes for a table. So, up the street to a Mexican restaurant. Wheee, chimichangas.

Since I drove Connie's car over to the restaurant I took the opportunity to retrieve something I had left in it last Sunday, The Sound of Music prop bag. I took it with me and snapped a picture of the contents while we waited for the food to arrive.

See what I mean about the blue sperm-thing with arms? If anyone has any idea what the hell that could possibly have to do with The Sound of Music, please let me know. I'm really sort of curious now. I also have no clue what the piece of cloth is supposed to be though if I had to guess....I'd say window curtains? This is like the small minor version of what archaeologists must go through when they dig up a ruin and find something that looks like ridiculous, useless crap but every house has one.

You can see I also saved my popper. I tried to let Maddie use it but she was too afraid to pull the string and wanted her brother to do it. Will was dawdling and at that point I was going to run late for the show if I didn't truck along. I got there a couple of minutes before 8 and didn't see Karen nor had my phone rung at any point. It turned out that she had gotten there earlier and had called me a bunch of times but my dumb phone never registered it for some reason. She was already in the theater and had apparently had a 'whose seat is this really' altercation which an usher had to sort out. Just as well I missed it.

I hadn't actually known anything about Boeing-Boeing before seeing it, not having done the homework. Karen had actually picked it from the available shows and I had just assumed at the time she knew something about it. Turns out I think she just thought it looked interesting based on the blurb. It's actually a play, not a musical, making it also the first play that Karen has ever seen.

The basic plot runs something like this: An American gigalo (Bernard) is living in Paris juggling three different finance, all of which are stewardesses on different airlines. His friend from his school days (Robert) arrives for a surprise visit and Bernard insists he stays with him until he is settled. Bernard then explains his elaborate woman juggling to Robert, claiming that polygamy is really the best and three is the magic number. Fewer than that and you become bored while more causes exhaustion. Currently he is juggling an American (Gloria), a German (Gretchen), and an Italian (Gabriella), and repeatedly says how it's easy due to the fact they all work different air routes and all it takes is some planning and attention to detail. To help him in his subterfuge is his Parisian housekeeper and cook, Bertha, who is pretty surly about the situation. Not apparently from any moral objection but simply because it causes more work for her.

Well, as you might imagine, the careful juggling soon begins to fall apart as faster and longer flying airplanes makes trips abroad shorter and unexpected events like weather and cancellations cause chaos with the schedule. The three finances all end up showing up at the apartment and it's up to Robert to help his friend juggle them from room to room, all keeping them unaware of one another.

If you're curious, there is no comeuppance for Bernard in his sorted tale. He basically comes out of it like a karma houdini though I imagine the stress might not have been fun as the hijinx escalated. The American fiance it turns out was three-timing Bernard anyway and runs off to marry a millionaire in Acapulco, the German finance ends up falling for Robert and they get engaged, and this leaves the Italian for Bernard, who he seemed to like best anyway. And so, in the end, it all ends happily ever after.

Karen really enjoyed the play but I didn't care for it really. The plot was really kinda trite but that wasn't what bothered me really. I'm sure that it was supposed to be over-the-top like a Three's Company episode on steroids, but the crazed overacting by every single character got on my nerves. I've never seen a play before where _every_ _single_ _character_ was chewing the scenary for all they were worth. These character portrayals were overkills of the highest magnitude. The German finance affected a character like she were an East German bodybuilder back when the women were pumped so full of bull testosterone they sounded like Bea Arthur. Actually, not even Bea Arthur ever actually sounded this gravelly.

All in all, I could have handled a couple of over the top characters but not all of them all at once. I kept thinking that they should maybe consider turning it down to '11'. The character who probably should have been the over-the-top one was the French housekeeper, Bertha, who for some reason really reminded me of Tracy Ulman's portrayal of Latrine from Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Prince John: What can you tell me about Robin of Locksley?
Latrine: Robin of Locksley? Robin of Locksley? Hmm, let me see.
[starts cooking up a potion in her cauldron]
Latrine: Raven's egg! Blood of a hen! A little more blood, yes! Eyeballs of a crocodile! Testicles of a newt! I bet he's a transsexual now! Robin of Locksley is handsome and brave. He seeks to regain his family's honor. Little sod could be trouble.
Prince John: Are you certain?
Latrine: Certain? You want certain, hire yourself a witch! Me, I'm just your cook.
[serves contents of the cauldron]
Latrine: Here, eat that.

That probably tells you all you really need to know, though she ended up getting outshadowed by the other large hams that popped up.

Oh, and I found it funny that the play's production was apparently sponsored by American Airlines. Sorta fitting really.

And so that was that. One more show and that's Damn Yankees which won't be until March I think. I'll be heading with Karen into the city for Silence, a musical parody version of The Silence of the Lambs. It sounds pretty spiffy and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also going to try to stop by The Bills as it's Bill Mick's birthday. I really wanted to get him something but I'm just all half-assed and I wouldn't know what to buy anyway. Maybe something will come to me tomorrow morning.
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