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Bah humbug

I've been feeling sorta down the past few days so it's hard to convince myself to do anything even vaguely constructive. On the plus side, I have been getting a lot of sleep lately. On the downside, I think that's just a side-effect of feeling glum. I'm starting to think that the amount of sleep I get may be inversely related to my mood in general. That would actually make insomnia a sign things are going well, which isn't exactly a good thing either.

So this past Saturday I stopped by the Bills for Bill M's birthday get together before heading off to see Silence: The Musical with Karen in NYC. I spent most of my time at the party chatting with Bill M about anime, which is always spiffy. The fact remains that he's the only person I know who has an interest either IRL or online. That means that it's about my only outlet for discussion unless I start visiting anime forums online which I really am loathe to do. I feel like a senior citizen on half of them and if it's not overrun with youngsters then they're usually such hardcore otaku that even I get wigged out. Wizards and waifu and pantsu, oh my.

I really enjoyed Silence too. It was sort of hokey but I thought it was hilarious. The production would have felt cheap and halfassed in a Broadway show, but for off-off-Broadway situated in a public school, it fit right in. I'll try to get to a full review at some point assuming I can convince myself. It really deserves more than a half-assed blurb so I'll just leave it at that.


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