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Nothing all that interesting lately. If I had a nickel for every time I told myself I was going to get around to doing something and then ended up not doing it, I'd have at least a few thousand dollars by now. Procrastination is like a disease that way. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.

I went to the gameday at The Bills on Saturday. They're hosting it after effectively getting tossed out by Panera, where they had been for years and years. It's not like Panera actually banned all the various meetups but there's a new corporate policy against allowing people to move tables and chairs around. That won't have any effect on people who meet there to socialize, in general, but it pretty much sticks a fork in boardgaming. Since boardgames can require anywhere from 2 to 8 players, there usually has to be a lot of shuffling about. Ever time I've been to a gameday at the Panera, people have always made sure to put the tables and chairs back where they belonged, but I wonder if all the groups were that vigilant about it. I could see how it could be a pain in the ass for employees to constantly have to deconstruct the tetris block of tables and chairs to get them back where they belong. We'll probably never know exactly what caused the policy change and it's an end of an era.

I hear the other boardgame meetup which used to meet there has already gone to their backup plan of invading the local mall's foodcourt. I can't wait to hear about the blowback when it comes. Mass of geeks beaten by mall security. News at 11.

Oh, and it's a week until Dreamation. I'm not exactly jumping up and down with excitement but it will be nice to see some of the people I only catch at these cons. I actually remembered to give uncle James a ring to invite him and Kaila since they've recently become interested in boardgames but it turns out the timing was a no-go. I've actually been funneling a lot of my games their way. It's nice that they're actually getting some use rather than moldering in my closet. After learning about the boardgame interest their son Raymond bought them a copy of Settlers for Christmas and it was a big hit apparently. I took the opportunity to haul all of my Settlers games (Cities and Knights, Seafarers, Starfarers) over to my grandmother's for Chinese New Years and passed them on. What's sad is that I'm not sure I've ever even played with any of them. The copy of Starfarers was still shrinkwrapped.
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