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Dreamation is over. Things went pretty much as expected though in general I played less games than normal. I spent some of the slots just vegetating whereas in the past I would have found something to get in on. That said, I still probably played in around a dozen events and taught a bunch more. I even learned a few new games, which is unusual for me.

In the past I usually just stuck with what I already knew since it caused less stress to my brain. That gets harder and harder as the games vanish from the collective gamer consciousness faster and faster now. It used to be that if you were a game designer/company who put out a good game with good reviews, you could count on it sticking around for at least a couple years in people's playlists. Not anymore. Now, even the best games tend to be mere flash in the pans by comparison, soon booted to the side of the road for newer and flashier models coming down the pipe. I imagine a lot of gamers realize this after a while and are less likely to buy new games when they know that in 6 months time it might be hard to find anyone willing to play it with them as everyone's already moved on to something else. This won't stop the avid collectors who buy everything new that comes down the line, but those people are far fewer and can't prop up the entire economy. No wonder many parts of the boardgame industry has problems then since it means that there will be less copies sold of each new game and the economies of scale begin to work against you.

Curt Covert of Smirk and Dagger was there and it's always nice to see him. I'm sure I've said it before but Curt is such a nice guy overall. It's also spiffy that I really like his games, especially the new version of Hex Hex. That love of the game also brought me one of the few boardgame injuries I've seen. The new version requires you to try to grab one of a set of wooden sticks in the center of the table at certain points. There is always one less stick than the number of people, and so the scramble for one can be fierce. During one of the exchanges I managed to get a stick but received a fingernail induced stab wound in the center of my palm in the process which immediately began bleeding. When I went to find something to staunch the blood and groused to some other GM's one claimed she thought it was stigmata. Ha. I don't think even God is that hard up yet.

All in all, it was nice to see the people I usually only see at these conventions. The time spent just shooting the breeze is probably more interesting and valuable then the time actually playing games in the end. Which, really, is probably how it should be.
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