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God damnit. Work with me, LJ!

I haven't made a picture entry in ages and LJ is making me not want to in the future. I wouldn't have believed their scrapbook system could have gotten any more @%^&ed since I've been inactive but they've somehow managed it. First, they offer to one-click post all your pictures into your entry which I thought was great since I wouldn't have to do it manually like normal. Of course, I expected them to post the pictures in freaking order, which I would think only makes sense. But noooo, instead they just randomly post the pictures so it's not till I finish and view the post that I discover all my captions are to the wrong god damn images.

I manage to go back through and manually fix that only to realize that they also feel they know better when my pictures should be rotated. Half of them are now turned on their side for no apparent reason and then stretched to fit. WTF? I had to go through and manually fix that as well, which took even more time and irritation. Why in the world you decide your program knows better than I do what direction I want my picture displayed as? Enough so that I have to click through to 'original image' just to get the right version. Feh.

Maybe there's some trick to it and I still don't have a handle on it but if it's always a cockup like this I'm just going to have to go back to doing everything manually.
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