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I've spent the past several days now watching Gaki no Tsukai batsu games online. The former is a television show in Japan which has been running for decades now. It's hosted by a series of Japanese comedians and usually involves slapstick and crazy games/challenges. I guess you can think of it as the Japanese version of Jackass, though it predates that American monstrosity by years.

At least once a year, they broadcast a barsu game (punishment game) where some members of the cast have to participate because they lost a previous challenge or bet. The usual rule is that none of the players are allowed to laugh during the 24 hours of the challenge, and if they do laugh they are punished in various ways. I've seen piecemeal clips of these batsu games but a few days ago I stumbled across a site that has translated and archived most if not all of them. Since then I've watched hours and hours of footage full of people being smacked with paddles, riding crops, bamboo swords, and all sorts of other insanity.

If you too have a juvenile sense of humor and want to see what this is like, here is a link to one of the first batsu games they had. It's a 24-hour game of 'tag' where the four unfortunates have to spend a day in a gym and evade taggers who pop out at random intervals. On their chest is written the punishment you endure if they catch you.

@43:00 - OMGWTFBBQ!

Part 1

Part 2

The only downside to some of the videoes is that I don't understand some of the pop culture references. They tend to feature a lot of Japanese actors/musicians in bit parts in an attempt to make the cast laugh and since I have no clue who any of these people are, it does notta for me. I imagine it'd be the absurdity of having Judge Wopner walk up and use the urinal next to you or seeing Lady Gaga in a hairnet serving lunch at an elemental school. It's only funny if you know who the heck these people are.

Anyway, I'm around halfway through the series right now. If anyone else is interested, the links are all here.
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