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Morgan's first birthday

I'm actually taking a step to clear some of the backlog of pictures. Well, it's not much of a step considering that I have hundreds of pictures I've meant to post over the past year or so and never got around to. Still, a little is better than nothing. Here are some shots taken from Morgan's first birthday this past April.


Connie has this interesting tradition she started in regards to the kids' birthdays. Since their birthday parties are always held on weekends, she'll also have a little small birthday celebration on their actual birthday. She'll usually pick up a few cupcakes and there will be a round of pictures. For Will's birthday she actually took the leftover birthday cake and reshaped and refrosted it into a new number cake. I have pictures of that too somewhere which I'll get to posting eventually.


The birthday girl and her brother and sister. You'll notice that Maddie and Will get their own cupcakes too if less extravagant looking than Morgan's. This also works out as a useful bribe to get them to sit still for picture time.


The candle is lit.


Morgan's such a good girl. Out of the three, she's been the sweetest by far.


Maddie has this tendency to want to give Morgan hugs. You always know when Maddie is delivering one of these hugs even if you're not in the room because Morgan starts shrieking like a banshee. Apparently Maddie wasn't very careful in the beginning and would often lift and drop her or cause other painful/shocking outcomes. Morgan learned her lesson and now reacts with alarm whenever Maddie comes in for a hug.


Nom! Nom! Nom!

Here's something I really don't understand. It's not like I like frosting, mind you, especially unflavored dyed frosting but it just doesn't seem right to scrape it off when eating a cupcake. Everyone in the family is meticulous about removing frosting from all cakes/birthday cakes when it's time to eat it. My thinking is that it's a relatively rare occasion and a little frosting isn't going to kill you. Not to mention that since you already paid for it, you might as well eat the damn thing.

I guess in the case of the kids, it could also be a self-defense and work mitigation mechanism. The more frosting you scrape off of the cupcake to begin with, the less you have to clean of the walls and floor and whatever.


Will munching his cupcake.


Maddie snarfing hers.


O nom nom nom nom!

I sometimes wonder if these pictures will come in handy 16 years from now when Morgan's getting ready for the prom and it's time to pull out the baby pictures to show her date.


Mmmmmm. Yummy.


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Sep. 18th, 2012 11:48 am (UTC)
Very very cute....all of them.

I have never heard of anyone not eating the frosting on a cake before.
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