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Damn layout changes

What the hell is with the crappy changes in the layout? Instead of being at the top of the screen and easily accessable, it's now at the bottom and in one giant fucking line of obnoxious. This sucks ass. I'd try to change it back if that were possible but it would mean wading through those customization screens and I'd sooner chew broken glass.

While we're on the subject of layouts and presentation...why do some people feel this obsessive need to tweak their journals until the glaring clash of colors and pictures and just gobbilygook makes it near impossible to read. If it's not the fact that you have blood red text on a pink background the sheer clashing glare from the screen compels a shriek of pain like dracula sunbathing. Nice and simple is best. Black text on a white background with some basic surrounding colors if necessary. Why the farg does individuality always mean garish and fucking stupid?

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