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Already slacking

Well, that didn't take long did it? My whole post every day or two strategy failed after only a few posts though, like most people facing a failure, I have an excuse ready. I ended up going on a 2-day trip to Boston last week and it left me a bit discombobulated for a while. I did come back with pictures and whatnot which there's at least a chance I'll get around to posting.

I also have a second excuse....I've been playing a ton of Dungeon Defenders. This is the only computer game I've been playing or have played in ages. I've been hooked for a while on its mixture of Tower Defense and FPS. I've never actually played any FPS before so there was a bit of a learning curve and I still I generally suck at it, but the game has been entertaining and I've been at it for a couple months now. What changed recently is earlier in the week I actually spend $25 to buy online equipment for the game. I have only done something like this once before while playing Diablo II and soon quit the game after spending cash on it. I'm not sure if that has set a precedent and soon I'll end up leaving Dungeon Defenders too, but I felt it was a worthwhile purchase at the time. The damn game works on a random drop system and it takes too ridiculously long to farm equipment and frankly, I didn't wanna. I got up to a certain point and hit a wall. I could either spend the next month or two grinding or I could shortcut the problem. I chose the easy way out.

Ever since getting the equip, I feel this weird need to 'get my money's worth' so I've been playing 2 or 3 times more than normal. That has obviously eaten into the amount of time I've had to do anything else. I'm sure it'll die down again to something more sustainable and maybe I can convince myself to start making more interesting non-excuse filled entries.
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