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You know how there are some times where you can understand the science behind something, but it still sort of blows your mind seeing it work in real life? Am I talking about the Mars rover? The Higgs-Boson? Laser pointers? Nope. That was the first thought that ran through my head as I was thinking about competitive eating. You know, that 'sport' where people get together to see who can scarf down the most hot dogs or jars of mayo.

I still remember when I was confronted with the science of it all and it all started with Takeru Kobayashi. If you recall, this was the Japanese guy who showed up to the Nation's hotdog eating contest one day back in 2001 and blew away the competition despite being a skinny japanese guy. Up until that point, competitive eating had been the purview of huge lardasses where someone weighing 300 pounds was probably still considered rather svelte. It wasn't that Kobayashi was the first skinny guy to win the contest...another japanese competitor had won the previous year downing 25 hotdogs, a world record. It's the fact that Kobayashi didn't just break that record, he shattered it to bits and pieces with a mindboggling 50 hotdogs in 12 minutes. Here's a news story from that time:

Now, the science behind it is that a thinner person has less abdominal fat and meat, which seems sort of obvious. What might not be as clear is that while a large person may have a bigger stomach, that wall of fat and blubber also constricts the stomach and doesn't allow it to expand as large as someone who is thin and doesn't have a large abdominal wall. Thus, a thinner person can train themselves to allow their stomachs to expand to ridiculous sizes while a large person is limited to their normal larger than average stomach. All of that said, it's still freaking strange to watch a 130 pound guy eat 10 pounds of hotdogs in 12 minutes.

Well, I thought that was strange up until today. Then I saw this video showing a little wisp of a Japanese girl devouring insane amounts of food. I know how it works but it's _just_ _not_ _right_.

In case you're curious what she's's a Botamochi, a red bean paste and sweet rice dessert, tonkatsu, fried pork cutlets, and most of what looks like the biggest fucking ice cream sundae I have ever seen in my life. It's freaking 25 pounds for gods sake. The entire thing just made my brain short circuit.
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