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This is how phobias start

So Connie and Jeff had a wedding to attend up in Rhode Island this weekend. They left this morning and my mom and grandmother are going to watch the kids the next couple days. I popped over there earlier today just to hang out and it just so happened that my order from Think Geek had arrived. That means that in addition to a lot of other things, I now have my Hobbit Feet. I thought the kids would get a kick out of seeing them so I took them along with me.

While Will and Maddie seemed to appreciate it, it scared the ever-loving Jeebus out of Morgan. She freaked out upon seeing them, even when they were just sitting on the floor across the room. One of the things my mom taught her in Chinese is the word for scared. My mom would follow up the word with a gesture patting her chest as if her heart was beating or she had palpitations. Well, pretty much all night Morgan kept saying and gesturing that she was scared and wouldn't go to bed. Maybe it was the fact that her parents weren't there, though she never really asked for them, or it was the image of those furry feet freaking her out. It was past 10pm when I finally left to go home and they still hadn't gotten her to sleep despite multiple attempts.

On a sidenote, Will made a firefighter hat in preschool.

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