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'Latest Posts' Crazy Crap Wonks Spend Their Time On

the288 his34 up19
and189 you34 it's19
to161 at33 all18
a158 percent32 so18
of129 my29 their18
i127 if28 an17
in77 who26 this17
it76 they26 would17
that65 one25 like16
was54 said23 them16
for50 just23 he16
on46 some22 by15
with44 as22 had15
is41 or21 he's15
have37 not20 no14
be36 from19 are14
LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

Feh. I guess the only interesting stat there is that I use the word 'percent' quite often. The rest is all just crap.

Here's something else I found. I'm thinking that chocodiablo will like it best:


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