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The iPod Generation

So I got a phone call on my birthday from one of my sisters. She wanted to chat with me about a gift they wanted to buy for me, one of those ipod mp3 players. My first reaction was a mild sense of revulsion. Surely, I'm not one of those ipod people, music freaks or technology nuts constantly searching for something smaller and faster. I already have a mp3 player that I got for a fabulous price a year ago. Sure it's the size of a paperback book, but there's nothing wrong with that and the fact that it holds 20 gigs and only cost $140 satisfied all my requirements. I just don't see how people are willing to spend all this cash on something just because it's a little lighter or smaller. Can carrying an extra pound or so really wear upon you so much that it becomes unbearable? The damn things have become status symbols more than anything else. A badge to be displayed proudly so that others can see it and know envy or as some sort of recognition sign to those of like-mind.

Really, the only thing I'm interested in buying at the moment are some anime dvd's. I spent forever collecting anime episodes, but when my 200 gig harddrive died, it took a large chunk of the collection with it. In the end, I probaly watched well less than 1% of what I had on hand, but of those series I did see, there are some real gems. I've been considering picking them up on dvd just to be able to watch them on a nice big tv screen and in higher quality. The problem is I have a long tradition of buying crap that I never end up using. I only just did an inventory today of all the books I've purchased in the past year and never got around to reading. I won't even begin to list all the video games and board games and card games that have never been touched. I could run one hell of a garage sale if it ever comes to that.

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