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So yeah, I've been AWOL again. So much for my pledge to post more often. I'm going to blame it on the storm even though that really only accounts for the 4-5 days I was without power/internet.

In the end, the Storm of the Century/Frankenstorm/Superstorm or whatever superlatives they've added on to describe the event left my family more or less untouched. Well, the extended power outage was obnoxious but other than that, things were pretty smooth. We ended up losing one tree which had been standing for over 30 years, which was sorta sad in a nostalgic way. We also lost yet another branch off the small tree that snapped during the ice storm last year. That maple only had 3 freaking main branches and we've lost one a year. It looks pretty ridiculous now and if things go according to schedule, all we should have is a stump by this time next year.

All in all, the damage was so minimal that I thought the storm had been a dud all around. Driving over to my grandmother's the day after only showed a few trees down and since I didn't have net access, I couldn't get any real time info. It wasn't until a few days later that I found out places along the shore had been completely wiped out. It seems weird to me sometimes that the damage can be so minimal here and then just a ways away it's total calamity. It's like this hurricane acted more like a tornado.

I popped over to my sister Connie's place around a week after the storm hit and saw some more extensive damage in her neighborhood. Her family was untouched other than the loss of power, but Milburn is full of gigantic old growth trees and all of their electrical wiring is above ground unlike ours. That means that when one of those trees comes down, it causes a lot of havok. It's one reason they had one of the huge trees in their yard cut down earlier this year. There was always the fear that if it did come down during a storm, it would smoosh the house flat.

Even a week after, you can still see that cleanup hadn't finished. This was only a block from where she lives and I snapped the picture while walking with Will around the neighborhood.

So all in all, the superstorm was no worse than a normal storm for my family other than the power outages. I guess I could chalk it up to luck but I prefer to think that it must mean I have divine protection which makes me invincible.


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