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Thanksgiving for the past few years has been held at my sister Connie's house. Before then it had been at my grandmother's place and was a lot more informal. Mostly because back then it was just our extended family. There was usually a turkey and maybe a couple of the traditional sides, but there would also be a variety of Chinese dishes and it would just all be served as a hodge podge. After Connie took over, Thanksgiving has been more formal in a way. Well, you could also make the argument that it's the least formal Thanksgiving ever. Instead of the old melding of East and West we have concentrated forms of each, but separated into two rooms. It's probably largely because the holiday doesn't just include our family now but Connie's Husband Jeff's family.


In the dining room, we have a very traditional western thanksgiving dinner. There's turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and gravy and green beans and whatever else should be there.


Two rooms away, we have Chinese hot pot with all the fixings. There's sliced beef and shrimp and mushrooms of all sorts as well as cabbage and both a vegetarian and meat broth to cook it all in.

The idea is that people are supposed to move back and forth from the two setups and partake of both meals but in generally, it's like old school segregation. The only difference is that for the younger sect there is some mixing as I usually stay completely in the turkey realm and my cousins will hit both. For the people of my parent's generation though be they Anglo or Chinese, you basically just stay more or less in your camp. It's kinda disturbing in a way but it's just what everyone is happiest with. The language barrier sometimes makes social mixing sort of awkward I think and it's just easier this way. Everyone has their home base and it's like the kitchen becomes the neutral mixing ground.


Morgan and Maddie waiting for dinner. They got to sit at the counter in the kitchen.


Here's Will going to town on his food. No hot pot for these guys. Just straight forward western turkey and fixin's. You can see that Will's plate has no turkey. He's not a big meat eater and is instead a carb junkie. Maddie on the otherhand is all about being a carnivore. It's funny that way since you can serve them a complete meal and if they finish it, it'll be by eating completely different parts of it.


Maddie gets fussy about getting her picture taken nowadays. It's a blurry shot and I normally would have pitched it but I thought she looked sorta spiffy in it. It's just pure petulance.


Morgan's still a very good girl about her food. She eats more or less whatever you put in front of her and devours it with gusto.


Of course, her older brother and sister were exactly like that at her age and they turned into ridiculously picky eaters. It doesn't help that my mom spoils the hell out of them when it comes to food. They will bitch and complain and refuse to eat something if it has a color they don't care for. Like Maddie usually doesn't want to eat anything with green in it, assuming it signifies a vegetable and Will doesn't want anything with red. My suggestion when my mom informed me of this was to tell them to eat it or they get nothing and eventually they'll hungry enough to eat anything. When she refused to do that I came up with a backup plan of just buying some food coloring and making everything green until they eat it or starve to death. That was also a no go.


Here's Will in his little Indian feather hat he made in school. That little pain in the ass refused to wear the turkey hat I had gotten. I bought it mostly thinking he'd like it but he wanted to wear his feather instead. BTW, I was surprised they even still make those in school with all the PC crap out there. Wouldn't this somehow be offensive to all the poor Indians out there blah blah blah social conscience blah blah sensitivity blah blah?


Wooo, look. Someone got a turkey cookie. Frankly, I wouldn't have minded a turkey cookie of my own, but I wasn't offered any. Hardly seems fair since unlike some people, I ate all of my dinner.


Maddie got one too. Still no cookie for me.


Maddie was willing to wear the turkey hat so it wasn't a complete loss. Kids. I just don't understand the little buggers sometimes. I would have been overjoyed to get a turkey hat as a kid.


Maddie and her aunt Leigh. I'm told that they had not planned to come dressed alike. Man, were they steamed to show up at the party and find someone else wearing the exact same shirt. I suggested they make this a tradition. Leigh should have to call right before next Thanksgiving and find out what Maddie is wearing so they can coordinate their outfits.


A little turkey chocolate candy. I didn't get this one either I'm afraid. My sister passed one to my grandmother and I was able to snap a picture of it. I never get any of the good stuff.

So other than that, I had also brought along a couple games to show my aunt and uncle. We did a few rounds of Reiner Knizia's Poison, a oldie but a goodie. They had never played it before but seemed to enjoy it. I've been pulling a lot of old games out of my closet and passing them on when they seem to enjoy a playthrough. God knows I'm not going to get much use out of most of these games and they'll just sit and rot. It's nice to know someone will enjoy them.

And that was pretty much Thanksgiving. Shelley wasn't there this year having gone with her fiance and his family to the Caribbean. This meant that Connie also lost her Black Friday shopping buddy and was forced to trudge off the the sales on her own. Oh well. Que sera, sera.
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