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In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

Piiiiiiizzzzza! Caaaaaaaake!

Tomorrow is Maddie's birthday party. Her actual birthday isn't until the 7th but we can't hold it next Saturday because of Shelley's engagement celebration dinner. Just like what they had for Connie (though I missed it being in Chicago at the time), it'll be a full blown Chinese banquet with all the assorted rigamarole. Overall, I'm not a big fan of these sort of events and even less so when I have to make nice with strangers. Still, if I try to skip out I'll just have my mom and family harping at me so there's no real choice in the matter.

As for Maddie's birthday, it's going to be at the same place as last year. That playplace/gym with all the mats and ball pits and inflatable houses and rope swings, etc. It's the same place last year where I thought it would be sort of funny to jump into the giant foam pit and then almost couldn't get myself out. It took me around 10 minutes of huffing and puffing along with a lot more brain power than you might think necessary to finally extricate myself. About the only thing that kept me going was the mortification of hearing over the loudspeaker 'Code 10: We have another fat guy stuck in the foam pit. All staff converge with a winch and rope.' It's fun and easy for kids to play in that place but they're light and practically bounce off the foam. For someone my weight, it's like a fucking death trap as you sink right to the bottom of 6 foot pit. You can't easily move closer to the edge because of all the freaking foam blocks compressing in front of you and you can't get any leverage because all the foam under you just squishes. All I know is that this year, I'm staying the fuck away from that pit. Most likely....maybe....feh, maybe I should just have them have a rescue team on standby.

Anyway, there's going to be even more rugrats this year as Connie has upped the guest list to 30. I guess that's what happens when you send your kids to a dozen different activities a week. You're probably obligated to start inviting everyone. As far as I'm concerned, and it may be sort of jerky to say it, the only thing I'm really looking forward to about this party is the pizza and cake. I've been doing this no carb diet thing and it's starting to drive me sort of insane. The ability to break the diet for a day because of a birthday is an idea I'm clinging to and I am planning to devour pizza like cookie monster hits cookies. I can picture it already....gah, I think I'm drooling.

As for a birthday present, I've been planning for Maddie's birthday for months now. It started with that Hello Kitty recorder I bought while with Karen at Mitsuwa, but I've added more and more Hello Kitty items over the past couple of months. I now have a plethora of items and I'm going to split it between her birthday and christmas. You can see the entire pile of crap below. Hello kitty necklace, watch, doll, paint your own bank, bag, etc.


While I'm at it, I might as well show what I've gotten for the other kids for Christmas. Will is getting an ant farm and a Lightning McQueen pop tent. I've already ordered the ants and checked the box to have them sent out right before Christmas. I hope the timing works out because I don't know how long the ants can survive in whatever they'll be shipped in. The ant farm itself looks pretty cool with the blue gel and the light up feature. I've always wanted an ant farm and never had one as a kid so just like every other thing I've ever bought Will, I'm really buying it vicariously for the 5 year old in me.


As for Morgan, she loves Mickey Mouse, or as she calls him 'kiki'. Her favorite toy is the dancing Mickey that came out a few years ago. Knowing that, I picked up the two followup dolls in the whole dancing Mickey series that followed. I'm not sure about Gangsta Mickey, and it's not like she'll know the difference but it sort of offends my sensibilities. The other is a fleece Domokun blanket I got from ThinkGeek. This is another one of those I can't buy it for myself so I'll make a present of it gifts. It'd just go to waste sitting around here and I think she'll really enjoy it with the big domo face right on it.


And so that's that. It's around T minus 13 hours until pizza and I can't wait.
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