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This? Why this is a syringe full of nicotine, Mr. Rat.

Another day of jabbing rodents in the gut with needles. Feh. Same old thing every day. It'd be more bearable if the data was better, but I guess I won't know if the study works until I kill the little buggers and look at their brains. I still think it would be spiffy to take a few pictures of them running around with their pretty pink headplugs.

BTW, are any of you aware how much heat a bucket of rats generates? Try this at home if you don't believe me but chuck 15 rats into one of those big carrybuckets and wait a few minutes. Almost immediately heat starts to radiate from the inside of the bucket as the contents crawl all over one another in a swarming seething mass of fur. I wonder if the same thing holds for puppies....

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