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Back again

It's been ages since I made an entry, mostly because I've been using facebook like a mini LJ. The things that I would normally make entries about here, I've been just been condensing and dumping there mostly because of sloth. That said, the one advantage of LJ over facebook is that at least there's a record here. Everything on facebook just vanishes like a fart in the wind. I can't even find status updates I made among the thousand of inane comments and links and whatever else I'm spewing out daily. So that's why I'm back here. I wanted to make a note of something and save it for posterity.

My Chinese name is: 吉強

Now, that might not seem very interesting as something I'd want to save. After all, even an imbecile knows their own name by the time their out of diapers. The difference here is while I've known my whole chinese name since I was a kid, I've never actually found the characters online before. True, I've never searched for it either and it's sort of amazing I even stumbled over it. I have no clue how to use a Chinese input keyboard and no comprehension of how to translate Chinese phonetics into an English alphabet. So it's sort of amazing I just happened to stumble over the words online.

basically means lucky or good or blessed according to wikipedia and other sources while means strength or powerful.

I even searched around and found what my name would be in Japanese with those characters, though it's a little iffy with Japanese because everything has multiple ways of being pronounced. Anyway, one permutation would be Kichi Tsuyoshi.

It's not like any of this will ever really come in useful somewhere, but it's kinda spiffy and I figured I'd might as well jot it down for future reference.
Tags: chinese, japanese

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