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It's a surprise to me that LiveJournal is even still around. It was well into its inevitable decline when I was still making entries and now that it's been around 3 years and change since I last visited, it's something of a small miracle that it's still trucking along. Well, still online anyway. I never hear or see it being referenced anymore either online or in real life so I have no clue how relevant it is, if at all. At the very least it appears the company is still around though and someone is paying the bills to keep the lights on. I wonder if it's worth trying to start up blogging again. I'm not even sure I really could get back to it after all these years of being on facebook. It's not as bad as twitter but still, facebook is not the kind of place that encourages longform writing.

I wonder if anything interesting has changed here as far as the interface or new toys to play with. I imagine there must've been at least a couple of upgrades or innovations since I left. Hey, I see there's a 'Repost to Facebook' option at the bottom now. I used to have the import LJ entries as notes once upon a time. That's sorta spiffy. Maybe I will set up shop again and tinker for a while.
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