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Do your wurst.

I ate liverwurst for the first time earlier tonight in a sandwich with other lunchmeats and cheese. I had decided to buy some on the spur of the moment when I was out shopping the other day. The train of thought went something like this....

You kinda like liver.

Well, yeah, but not in large doses.

Well, of course not in large doses. And certainly not the way Chinese people eat it in chunks.

Yeah, definitely not. It starts to taste all bitter and metallic and just ick the more you have.

Absolutely. But remember when you first had pate at that ridiculously crappy salad bar at the Menlo Park Diner before its renovation back when you were like 10? You had no idea what the brown mush was and God only knows why you tried it but you liked it and didn't even figure out it was liver for ages.

Well, yeah.

And this is like liver and other stuff made into lunchmeat form. I mean, seriously, when has processed meat chunks ever really let you down?

You sorta have a point there. Okay, lets get a half pound then and see how it goes.

So I added it to a sandwich along with bologna, salami, ham, and american cheese and I'm happy to report it was really pretty spiffy. It added a rich, unctuousness taste to the sandwich and the fact that it was mixed with all sorts of other meats helped to keep it from falling into liver overkill. I'm pretty sure my extreme aversion to bitterness would keep me from enjoying plain liverwurst sandwiches but it's really not bad in small doses or as one element in a food palette.
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