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Never finish anything you start

That is one of the problems I always have when it comes to media. I don't have much follow through when it comes to tv shows and it's really easy to distract me with something else. I got up to the last episode of the 5th season of Game of Thrones but now I find myself watching Babylon 5 from the beginning and I'm 13 episodes into the first season already. I have no clue why I do this but it's a pretty common thing. Just off the top of my head here are some shows I meant to catch up on and never quite finished...

Farscape (Somewhere in Season 2)
Arrow (Somewhere in Season 2 or 3)
The Walking Dead (Don't even remember now...season 4? 5?)
Sleepy Hollow (Somewhere late last season)
Bones (A Season or two ago)

I'm sure there are plenty more but that's what immediately comes to mind. I think part of the reason is it requires some expenditure of resources, whether attention or thought or something, in order to watch something new. When you watch something you've already seen, often many times before, you can just run through it on autopilot and it doesn't require anything of you. So what always ends up happening is I take a pause and the next thing you know I've wandered off and rewatched all the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (sans the first season) again or something similar.

It also makes it more likely when you happen to like the show in question. I'm always pretty amazed at how good the first season of B5 is, especially compared to other sci-fi shows of that era which often required a good bit of time to find their feet. If anything, the last season was actually the most disappointing of the bunch, and that's really a better and less painful way to send a show off into cancellation than when it's riding high and hitting on all cylinders. I occasionally still run across hints and whispers of a B5 reboot of some sort, and it would be spiffy given how much better CG has gotten in the intervening years, but it's probably just a pipe dream. Legend of the Rangers pretty much disabused me of the notion for any followup B5 shows.

I should at least pop back to Game of Thrones and finish the last episode of Season 5. That'll leave me caught up at least seasonwise and maybe I'll binge all of 6 once the last few episodes come out in the following weeks. They say that there are only 13 episodes of GoT left after season 6, meaning a very truncated season 7 and 8. Frankly, that's not a good sign IMO. I'm not sure how you could wrap up this story in anything like a satisfactory fashion in just 13 episodes. Even if you cut out all the politics and just had 13 episodes full of nothing but combat resolution, it's unlikely you could really finish the story in a way where anyone would feel really satisfied. In this sort of storyline, with dozens if not hundreds of loosing hanging threads, just the denouement post climax could take an entire season. I mean, unless they simply kill everyone and go by king of the hill rules. If you want to avoid the effort of writing all these pretty wrap-up storylines about where all the characters end up, just have everyone die and it saves you the effort. That might not be a terrible end as Danys, all bloody and beat to shit sits astride Drogon in the center of a field miles wide full of bodies. We see nothing but corpses are far as the eyes can see, dead men and white walkers, with only her and the night king remaining. Drogon is covered in so many spears and broken off swords he looks like the iron throne as he lunges toward the Night King who raises his sword and stabs the dragon in the throat with the sword ramming up through the dragon's skull. The dragon collapses upon the Night King as its last gout of fire errupts from its pierced neck, engulfing everything in flames. Dany is flung to the ground without the strength to rise as the fire splashes all around her, clinging to her clothes and beginning to consume them. Just as we expect her to be fine we see that her hair starts to blacken and crisp as the flames eat up her legs and she begins to scream. The camera then pulls back on the writhing figure consumed in flames, the only piece of movement on a field full of still bodies. The camera keeps pulling back and we see that the field of bodies stretches perhaps hundreds of miles, at its center a small blot of fire that gets smaller and smaller...and then finally goes out. The end.

Now there's an ending where you don't have to wrap shit up.
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