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Happy Dragon Boat Festival or Lóngchuánjié (端午节) for Mandarin-speaking peeps. I actually don't know much about the holiday and just about everything I do know comes straight from the entry on the topic. Whether you believe that its origins are in Dragon worship, a harvest festival, or a celebration in rememberence of some Chinese guy who drowned himself, I imagine most people know it as the holiday for the consumption of zong zi if they know anything about it at all.

Zong zi is a food made out of sticky rice wrapped and then steamed or boiled in bamboo leaves. There are many different varieties of zong zi but my family only churns out two types, one made of plain sticky rice which you eat by dipping it in granulated sugar and a savory one made with chunks of marinated pork. I always much preferred the latter and I think Connie was the only one who really liked the former. To celebrate the holiday my mom and grandmother spent several hours today making them and I snagged a few.

Here you can see one still wrapped up in bamboo leaves, one unwrapped and the last sliced open to show the fillings. I'm going to go snag a bottle of siracha for dipping purposes and go all Nom Nom Nom on these bitches.
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