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True Dungen: Golden Ticket

I've never been a lucky person. At least, I've never had any impression that luck favors me more than most and there's a fair amount of evidence to the contrary. The best example of this is probably in true dungeon where the law of large numbers prances and cavorts. To this day, I have:

1) Never pulled a UR from the treasure box (the one exception being the year where they were artificially loaded with relics and purps thanks to Smakdown's artifact usage)

2) Never pulled a UR from a random pack of tokens not part of a token order.

3) Never pulled a Golden Ticket.

I'm pretty sure that at least a couple of these buck the odds pretty severely. The last is probably the oddest of the batch given that I think I'm the last old-school TD person who hasn't picked one up. Nowadays, not even an 8k order will guarantee you a golden ticket, though it's pretty close, but back once upon a time, the odds were far more generous. I spent quite a few years right in the prime making minimum 1k purchases each year and never managed to hit the jackpot. During the same period, Richard has pulled two of the damn things and his purchases have been backloaded to when the odds were severely smaller. Even Rob, who I think only makes a half k purchase hit the GT this year at Whosyercon. He's pretty much decided that he'd rather have cash than the run and so I might be going on my first GT ever if I can scrounge together the money. It's still sort of galling to have to buy my way in, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

The signups for the GT runs are pretty much full at this point too, with only a few left out standing. That meant that I was left with the dregs as far as class selection and both Ranger and Paladin were taken as well as all the combat runs. I ended up snagging a bard slot on the puzzle run and it might be fun to belt out some showtunes. I was thinking that hey, wouldn't it be spiffy to actually do a costume of some sort for the spectacle of it all. Since there's no Killer Breakfast this year, it's not like there's any other pre-gencon planning that's taking up my time and it's become a tradition of sorts to work on some schtick or another. At first I was thinking that I should just go drag but as I was looking at the options, it seemed like it'd be a lot of effort and expensive to boot. It's not like any place is likely to have evening gowns off the rack for someone my size. But hell, it's not like I really want to do drag anyway. It's more for the ridiculous campyness of it all. That's when I flashed on Shirley Temple singing The Good Ship Lollypop.

Wouldn't that be perfect for pure ridiculousness? I wasn't aware of the source at first, but I had a clear image in my head of what the costume should be like too. It would be all red-white-blue, with sequins, a frilly skirt, and a sailor cap. It wasn't until I was describing this to Connie to see if she could help me make something that we figured out why I had this idea in my head. Morgan had worn the exact damn outfit last year for school event where she danced and sang The Good Ship Lollypop.

There's no telling if this will all pan out, but if it does I'm going to have to get Morgan to perform a duet with me.
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