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Origins Game Fair 2016: Day 4

Friday night ended up being the best night of sleep I had gotten the entire con up to that point. I'm not sure if it was just the booze or the cumulative exhaustion but I basically slept all the way until morning without waking up every couple of hours that had been the status quo up to that point. I managed to get ready and waddled my way to the exhibit hall with some time to spare for looking around at the other booths. You know how it's very hard to stop yourself from slowing down and taking a gander when you pass a car wreck? Well, as I was heading back to the Smirk and Dagger booth, I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye and just couldn't help stopping to take a look.

2016-06-17 16.23.24.jpg

Yep. It's an erotic CCG featuring furries. In the manner of not being able to stop poking at a cavity with your tongue once you discover it, I stopped to gawk and prod in equal measure. I'm told that this is a long-running furry pr0n game and that they sold both starter decks and preconstructed ones. There were all sorts of different themes and I was informed that they ran events demoing the card game in the main hall.

2016-06-17 16.23.12.jpg

At this point, I knew I shouldn't ask. I absolutely knew I should have just kept walking but I couldn't help myself. I asked the woman manning the booth how the game was played. She took out some sample cards and basically explained it like this....

There are 4 genders in furoticon and your goal is to try to fill the affection meter on your furry characters. Each furry will interact differently with the other 4 genders, giving a differing amount of pleasure points or whatever they're called. When your furry's stamina value finally hits 0, the furry is said to have orgasmed and leaves the scene, retiring to the owner's couch....which I'm sure has an odor not even a gallon of febreeze can neutralize.

At this point, I just had to ask how much a deck cost. I mean, this would make for a perfect gag gift, right? Would you believe they wanted $40 for a freaking 80 card deck? I mean, holy crap. This stuff costs way more than Magic the Gathering, or Pokemon, or any other CCG I could think of. I mean, it's a fabulous train wreck but I just couldn't get myself to pull the trigger and pay $40 for it. With a last wistful glance, I left the booth before hanging around it got me put on some sort of sexual deviant watch list.

I made it back to Smirk and Dagger and sanity in time for the doors to open and for people to start flooding in. It seems that the S&D mascot had decided to make an appearance and I had to get a picture.

2016-06-17 15.29.32.jpg

Apparently at some point in the past, Jon had himself a Taunty suit made and he brought it along with him to Origins. Pretty spiffy really and I hear he also pulls it out each year at Gencon for the Run for your Life, Candyman tournament they run there. If it wasn't for the fact that we were short-handed, he probably would have spent more time in it drumming up interest for the booth.

Saturday was pretty rough as you might imagine. We were already 2 full days in and Saturday was a fair chunk busier with a lot more foot traffic and demos to run. Because of the larger crowds, we were kept hopping and I spent more time on my feet and less time catching a rest. Things started to slow down by late afternoon and I waddled my way over to one of the tables in the back to take some of the pressure off my legs. Mel came along and I proceeded to offer up my usual litany of complaints about how my feet hurt. An unexpected comment came from a girl sitting across the table, something to the effect of, 'it's a convention and everyone's feet hurt and you should stop bitching about it'. My initial reaction was pretty much WTF?! The girl was working with a pair of scissors, cutting up foam chunks for some sort of project and proceeded to offer up other similar comments. I exchanged a bewildered sort of expression with Mel and couldn't help but ask her if they were now teaching cynicism as a class in elementary school. I don't recall exactly what the girl said now, but I'm pretty sure that Mel can back me up as to the tone and general content. When Mel asked her what she was making with the scissors and the foam and the girl responded 'Fursuit', it was all I could do to keep from offering up a verbal salvo as payback.

2016-06-18 17.31.15.jpg

I snapped a picture of her just in case I later heard rumors of someone smacking some mouthy kid at the convention.

Anyway, it was soon time to go back to work and we all pushed on until the exhibit hall finally shut down. We were all exhausted by this point. Curt had to meet with some people at the booth after the hall closed so we all pretty much fell over where we were to rest and recover from the day.

2016-06-18 18.15.28.jpg

We had no set plans for dinner so I suggested the Mongolian BBQ place a few blocks away and after arduously getting to our feet, we made our way there. I had been to the BD's Mongolian Grill in Columbus once before with Chelle and her crew and I liked the place quite a bit. You'd think I'd be sick of Mongolian BBQ with my family having run those restaurants since I was 10 years old but I still enjoy it quite a bit. Besides, I was hungry enough to eat a horse by then and BD's is a good place to pack away the grub.

2016-06-18 19.23.59.jpg

2016-06-18 19.44.41.jpg

I mean, that looks pretty spiffy, no? Heck, just looking at the pictures is making me sorta hungry right now. One thing that BD's had introduced to me about mongolian BBQ is the idea of tortillas. Andrew expressed some skepticism when he saw them, but it's really brilliant. It's like having chinese burritos of a sort and it goes great with the whole BBQ concept. It's like making your own fajitas but with a chinese flavor profile. I ended up devouring the above two plates and was so stuffed I passed on dessert.

After dinner we started the slow trek back toward the convention center. Slower for me than for everyone else since by this time I was pretty gimpy. I made it half way before waving the others on ahead as I found a place to flop on a low wall for a rest.

2016-06-18 20.35.25.jpg

The gay pride parade had been earlier that day and the streets were still lined with celebrants waving flags or just sitting around enjoying the day. The place I chose to stop just happened to have a gathering of drag queens and I got to listen to them call each other fish and trade gossip and shade in equal measure until I felt rested enough to finish the journey.

By the time I got back to the convention center the games were already in full swing and I joined Mel who was having a conversation with some guy I hadn't seen before. I assumed that he was a friend of hers but it turned out that they had just met and had gotten to discussing how women are given a bonus rating on the hotness scale at gaming conventions because of scarcity. He was also espousing the idea that a woman should, near the start of a conversation with men, make clear her relationship status so that everyone is on the same page. You know, just an offhanded remark about how she needed to call her boyfriend/fiance/husband later or otherwise providing information that she is attached. I found the conversation sort of amusing, especially since we discovered that during it, the guy was busy the entire time swiping on Tinder. At one point he excused himself, saying that he would be back in a bit and needed to charge up his phone and Mel and I speculated whether he would even come back now that he knew she was married. Hell, I'm pretty sure he wasn't there for my company after all. In the end he did make a reappearance after a long while, but I'm pretty sure that had more to do with the fact that he had made a point that he wouldn't blow someone off just because he knew she was unavailable. He only stayed for a bit and then wandered off again around the time that the other S&D games were wrapping up. We decided to try one of the Iello games that Andrew had merch-swapped for.

2016-06-18 22.48.30.jpg

I don't remember the name of the game now. It had something to do with cloud pirates or sky pirates or something of the sort. It was a very pretty game and I kinda liked it. In the end, it played sort of like a simplified version of 7 Wonders. You basically mix up a deck made up of item cards, booze cards, pirate cards, and relic cards. Each person gets to look at a pile of cards and decide if they want to take the whole pile. If they don't, they draw a card facedown from the deck and add it to that pile. When a pile grows to 3 cards it doesn't get any better but a coin is added on each time someone doesn't take it as an incentive. You can also fight battles with your two neighbors using your pirate cards. Winning allows you to take certain beneficial actions as listed on your pirates, but all pirates are discarded after a battle.

2016-06-18 23.47.55.jpg

I ended up finishing in second place. I had been counting on my large booze collection to carry me to victory but I guess it just wasn't enough in the end. After the game we all decided to call it a night and headed back to our respective hotels.
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