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I guess it should be no surprise. It's not as if I haven't already more than enough examples that my luck is terrible. Today was supposed to be the kidney biopsy and everything went smoothly at first. My aunt Kaila took me to the hospital since my mom and dad both had doctor's appointments and she was off due to the Jewish new year. All the tests and measures were taken, the i.v. was in, and I was taken to the room where they fiddled with the machine. Eventually I was situated and the scans began. It was also at this point that they started sedating me so I missed some of the middle but it seems that just as they were ready to do the actual puncture, having marked their approach and gotten all ready....pfffffft. The machine died. Turning it off and turning it back on apparently did nothing and neither did contacting the tech/engineering support for whatever stupid company made the cat scan.

So I went through all of that for nothing. Absolutely, fucking, nothing. All in all I spent just short of 5 hours in that hospital today and I'll end up having to do it all over again this Wednesday. There's some part of me that thinks it just figures. Terrible longshots keep happening to me as if I'm cursed. I was just telling Kaila about how I stated entering all these sweepstakes and contests, trying to find some form of balance as if just because these rare, terrible things happen...there should be some rare and yet positive ones. I've been looking but so far it seems like my luck is unidirectional. I guess I should just be happy I didn't wake up after coding, being resuscitated, and finding myself as half a vegetable. Then again, at least all the angst and worry would be over.


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