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Movies, movies, movies

I just signed up for the AMC movie watcher club and have 8 points so far! That means with another 2 points I can get a small popcorn. Woooooo. It's actually not a bad program overall. I no longer have to pay service charges when I order tickets online and the rewards program could certainly be worse. I just don't see all that many movies and I'll probaly die of old age before I reach that free night at the movies.

Urotsukidoji is going to be showing at Doc films here at the university of chicago in a couple weeks and I'll be going with Trip and some other people. It's going to be a barrel of monkeys. There are very few things that are as depraved as that movie and I can hardly believe the university is going to show it. If this were another type of school I can imagine jack booted feminazis and NOW members protesting all over the place. This is the perfect movie to take those who are easily offended to just for shits and giggles.

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