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Nine apples enter. One apple leaves.

Although a crisp texture is the single most prized quality in an apple - even more desirable than taste, according to one study - crispness is more a matter of acoustics than of mouth feel.'

-John Seabrook

We went to Whole Foods today and I got to thinking about apples. I've probably eaten more apples in the past 2 months than I have had all year or maybe even in two years. It's not that I dislike them or anything, it's more that I don't tend to seek them out. Besides, the kids all like apples as snacks and any I see around I would just assume we're for them and probably expensively organic to boot.

Because of this lack of general interest in apples I came to the realization that I only have the mental headspace for two catagories when it comes to apples: Red Delicious and Not Red Delicious. Other than that, I had never really made effort to discern the difference between apples as far as taste or any attribute other than color. (I have a natural bias against all green apples since I just assume they're going to be tart/sour.) That being the case and since I was in a Whole Foods, I figured I would try to remedy that and try to figure out what would be a 'good' apple versus a' bad' one. To that end, I purchased 6 different types of apples from the Whole Foods and an addition 3 from Publix. Some of the damn Whole Foods apples cost up to $1.79 a pop!

So here are the contenders:

From the back and working from left to right we have....

The Lady Alice, the Koru, the Honeycrisp, the Envy, the Rosalyn, the Fuji, the Swee Tango, the Gala, and finally the Ambrosia.

I will be sampling each apple one at a time and rating them as to their 1) crispness, 2) sweetness, 3) overall taste, and 4) thickness of skin. These scores will then combine to determine the best apple and let me know what I should look for in the future.
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