In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

Apple Wars: Fuji

The Fuji is a medium sized apple which oddly seems to vary between yellow/red striations and a speckled appearance. There is a faint scent of apple to the skin near the stem but very little to the flesh itself. The first bite was moderately crisp and no mealiness was detected in the flesh. The taste is quite sweet but has a mildly tart element as well. They seem to work well together rather than one transitioning into the other as I found with the Swee Tango varietal. The skin is thick enough to be noticible but doesn't detract from the apple in any way.

Crispness: 7/10
Sweetness: 7/10
Tartness: 2/5 {reverse scored}
Skin Thickness: 2/5 {reverse scored}
Appleyness: 2/5

Total score: 22 points

Note: I'm starting to wonder if I should be inverse scoring apples on Tartness. What I wanted to avoid was an apple that was primarily tart instead of sweet. This was more an issue with an apple like the Swee Tango which started quite tart and the sweetness only came through after a bit. In the case of this Fuji the two were paired and it added more of a depth rather than simply sweet on sweet. It seems wrong to deduct points for that but we'll just have to play this through.
Tags: apple wars

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