In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

Apple Wars: Koru

The Koru is a medium sized apple with red striations but patches of greenish yellow. There is no odor of apple in either the skin or the flesh. It is thus far the apple with the least olfactory signature with the flesh with only the flesh having a faint odor of greenery. The first bite was amazingly crisp. I had to actually strain a bit to sink my teeth into the flesh and then pry off the first bite. I seriously doubt it's possible to get any more crisp and this is after the apple had been ripening for almost a week. The first taste is of a tart and sweet merging harmoniously, much like the Fuji apple. Neither was dominant. The skin was very thick enough to be noticeable but there was no adverse effect upon the mouth feel of this apple.

Crispness: 10/10
Sweetness: 6/10
Tartness: 2/5 {reverse scored}
Skin Thickness: 2/5 {reverse scored}
Appleyness: 1/5

Total score: 23 points

Note: This apple was the one the Whole Foods cashier mentioned as being the one that was hardest to keep in stock and the highest in demand. It was also tied with another apple as the most expensive.
Tags: apple wars

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