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So either Facebook notes is gone or I can't fi d how to access it on mobile so I'm going to use he LJ instead. This is probably going to get whiny so read at your own risk. I feel a need to vent even if it's only to myself.

So the event tonight was to go to Disney springs for bowling at Splitsville. Now I'm not really into bowling but I figured I would give it a whirl if for no other reason than to just meet new people. There was also another event the same night where a bunch of people were going bar hopping via the monorail. Well, given the choice between drinking in bars and bowling, bowling wins.

It turns out that the person who had scheduled the event didn't have a final count of how many people would be coming and so he couldn't make a reservation for the lanes. By the time 7 of us got to the location it would have taken a 2-hour and 45-minute wait to actually get one. We talked it over and decided it really wasn't worth sitting around for that long just to bowl and that since some of the people were hungry we would instead try to find a restaurant to get something to eat. After some discussion and the fact that someone said he was really interested in getting ramen, we decided to walk over to morimoto's.

This was a Saturday at Disney Springs in the height of summer so as you might imagine there were hordes of people everywhere. When we got to the restaurant I went in and asked how long it would take to get a table for seven. I was told that it wouldn't be possible until around 10pm, a hour and a half later. The hostess said that we could, however, order from the bars and get food there.

Now before this event one of the people who was coming had asked if it would be okay if she brought her one and a half year old and whether it was going to be a kid friendly event. Having received confirmation that it was fine, she had her daughter with her. This clearly became a problem as she had a stroller and wouldn't be able to navigate up the stairs with it. I suggested that we all grab a table outside and simply get some of the quick-serve items so that we could all sit and eat together. The ramen asshole said, perhaps jokingly, that he would ditch all of us for the ramen. Frankly, I didn't understand why he couldn't just go to the bar and order the ramen and bring it to the Quick Serve area which is connected to the restaurant and suggested as much but he wasn't having it. The monorail bar hopping group was going to pop over and meet up in a bit so I was of the opinion we should just wait and find a restaurant that could accommodate everyone.

Three of the people decided to venture up to the second floor to the bar while I stayed down with the woman and her daughter and the stroller. After a bit she figured she would try to leave the stroller in the lobby and take her daughter up with her. However, when we got up there she was told that you can't have a kid in the bar area and that she would have to leave. At this point the assholes were all happily chatting with one another and didn't seem to give a damn about what was happening. Well there was nothing to be done about it so I told her I would walk around Disney Springs with her and maybe we could grab something else to eat while we are waiting for the other group to arrive from the monorail bar hopping.

They eventually arrived and, surprise surprise, decided they wanted to go to yet another bar. Well second verse same as the first. Once again you weren't allowed to have kids at the bar and so while most of the group sat at the bar the woman with the child was excluded again. One person was interested in seeing where the original group had gone and wanted to touch base with then. Apparently the assholes had finished their ramen and wandered off somewhere else without any message or notice. Cue third bar. I just sort of gave up at that point. There was outdoor music and dancing between the two bars and we just ended up parking ourselves there. I played with the little girl, who was adorable, while she danced to the music and generally did toddler things.

Eventually the assholes wandered out of their bar, without any sense of awareness, and people grouped up to talk a bit. Since Richard and Melissa were in the restaurant nearby having dinner for their date night, I popped over to tell them people are terrible and see how their night was going. When I got back out everyone had clearly moved on, or went home, or whatever. Out of all the new people I met, only one guy and the lady with the child seemed decent and I never even got a feel for the monorail bar hopping people, with the exception of one woman who I had met previously a couple times and was a lovely person. All I know is that ramen asshole and his two friends are on my shit list.
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