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No rest for the wicked

I am exhausted. Maybe it's the lack of sleep piling up or just the fact that slaughtering rats at the end of the day always requires an extra oomph of will, but these past few days have been pretty brutal for some reason. Something about having a bloody disembowled and headless rat in my hand always makes me ponder the existential questions. Just think of the inherent unfairness of it all. This particular batch of rats were full of bitches who kept trying to bite me, but there were a few good ones mixed into the batch. Today, I had three who took their shots in the gut with nary a complaint, as calm and placid as can be. The tech working with me on the otherhand had a few of the shrieking hell demons, just by random chance. Yet at the end of the day, I hack into both of them, demon and angel, slicing through their rib cage, crunching bone, and stabbing their hearts with needles. So what is the reward for being 'good' when in the end, you face the same bloody fate. All that remains of you is your brain in a little glass jar that now sits on my desk. Good or evil, will anyone remember? Heck, I doubt I'll even remember which was which in a few more days after the little parade of rat corpses.

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