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They say, "At least she chose to go,
And she'll be better there," but I know
She did it just to ease our minds
She's says, "I'm tired and I'm done.
At night I pray the angels come."
Me, I confess I pray they take their sweet old time

-Deirdre Flint

That verse gets me right here *thumps heart* each time I hear it.

So I've been in the lab since 7 or so working on thingies for the poster but at least this time I have my mp3 player for company. Someone also told me a lovely decap story for the rats. It involves loading a rat into the guillotine, having it flinch back at the last moment and end up hacking off its face instead of its head and then having to pick up the mess and try to shuck the brain out from the front while it's still alive. Of course, they were left with an interesting mask-like rat face that was wholey intact. Fun.

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