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Curse you daylight savings time


Ran rats
Killed rats
Collected brains
Tossed out bodies
Saw Big Fish
Bitched about craptastic ending that robs the joy and wonder out of life
Ate fried vegetables
Ate nachos
Drank alcoholic cider
Taste didn't completely make me want to puke

Went to lunch at Korean hole in the wall
Debated politics and how damn college lefties marching around cheering on socialism while living off mommy and daddy should be fucking killed
Korean owner agreed with me against more lib friend.
Played Bang! Got screwed over in first game. And second game.
Went to some food network froo-froo resturant
Payed 27 dollars for rack of lamb
Suffered buyer's remorse
Went to see Ladykillers
Lateness of our arrival meant I could not get a waffle cone. Disgruntled.
Suffered slow pacing of movie and Tom Hanks's gross overacting
Played another game of Bang! Got screwed again.
Drove home
Ran into massive traffic jam at 3am in the morning.
Screw this city.

Slept for 12-13 hours.
Went to Costco.
Bought little bagel pizzas, roast chicken, ham, cheese, turkey, bread, etc.
Bid on domo-kun paraphenalia. Won buttons. Spiffy.
Going to bed.

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