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Long live peer pressure

Feh. Whatever happened to the good old days before the teachers and principals had to get involved in this crap. When if you didn't like what a kid was wearing you just beat the snot out of him after school. Where's that peer pressure that used to always be present to modulate the more outlandish attempts at individuality? We need to help take back the playgrounds. Go to your nearest elementary school, find the kid who's crappily dressed, sporting a mowhawk, or all pierced up and just push them down a few times. Hopefully that will inspire the other kids to gather around and join in the pummeling. Then you can stand back, assured in the knowledge that you have righted a serious wrong in our society.

Child's mohawk causes debate

Monday, April 5, 2004 Posted: 10:19 AM EDT (1419 GMT)

AUBURN, California (AP) -- It used to be that schoolchildren might get their mouths washed out for using blue language. These days at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, they're more likely to have their hair washed out -- for sporting a blue mohawk.

Parents of a 6-year-old boy say they plan to consult an attorney after a school principal washed bright blue dye out of their son's punk-style haircut.

Levey Padocs Jr.'s father said he allowed his son to get the distinctive 'do more than a month ago for behaving better in class.

But parents of the boy's kindergarten classmates complained the haircut would spoil an upcoming class photo, so Principal Derek Cooper said he washed the boy's hair in the nurse's office after getting permission from the boy's mother.

The boy's father said neither he nor the mother approved the washing. They plan to discuss the situation with an attorney.

"Leave him alone. He's not a problem child. He's not hurting anyone," Levey Padocs Sr. said. "He's an individual, and that's how he's expressing his individuality."

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