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On the road to Damascus

Ever wish that you could get your own smackdown on the way to your own Damascus? I'm watching Jesus and Paul, a special on ABC running through the lives of both men and their significance to christianity. You almost have to envy someone who is struck by certainty, no matter what that certainty entails. Regardless of the content of his vision, Paul received quite a blessing on that day and I think I'd like one too. I'm not stating flat out that I'm deserving of such a divine visitation (But I am, very deserving. I just can't say so because...well, you know, vengeful God and all. The only reason I can say it in small text is because God is old. VERY old. So old his eyesight must be going so he's unlikely to be able to read small text. Thus, through that loophole I escape.). I would pay a lot for some certainty in this life...besides the fact modesta gives handjobs for crack.

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