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Never too old to be immature

So this past saturday instead of the regular gaming session we went out and celebrated richard's birthday. I had decided to take my camera along and so I have some pictures to show here. I'm afraid that I don't have any pictures of otis. The only one I snapped ended up having half of my head in there and I decided to delete the picture before I thought about cropping it. Sorry, O, but hey, you probaly will never look at this anyway.

Melissa on the left and Richard on the right. I'm not sure exactly why he looks that red. He did down some booze but that shouldn't have made him look like the wino on the corner...right?

John and Melissa.

Me and Butch. This was one of my favorite shirts before I managed to accidently splash bleach on it. I'm still pretty irked about that.

So this is what we were sitting under the entire night. A giant picture of some dinner party with weird people. I can fully understand why that guy is splashing pasta around everywhere instead of paying attention to what he's doing. That woman looks like she's about to pop out of her dress any minute.

If we were all sissyfighters, I guess this would be the teasing of the breasts. Since none of the others have ever been on the site nor know anything about it, I guess it's just what happens when a bunch of guys are around a single female. "Look! Boobies!"

More boobies leering. I blame the picture above us as being bad influences.

A group shot at the end. It looks like you can make out otis next to me but it's sorta hard to differentiate him from the background. It's like one of those find waldo pictures.

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