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Exhausted. I think I was at Oatie's until like 3-4 last night and then ended up not being able to sleep until 6. I think the final headcount of people was something like 16 or 18 and I managed to snap a crapload of photos. It'll be a while before I'm able to post them but I'll get it all loaded up eventually. Right now I should be getting ready to meet them at oaties so we can all go to the green lake of death. That should be interesting.

Quick Notes:

Madkitty is a mean drunk. Yeah, you heard me you derranged wino! One of these days....WHAM! To the moon.

Gravey is really really quiet. Did you have to coax him out of his shell, gwennie or is he just this way around people he dosen't like?

Vash is not allowed to cook anything without a hairnet ever again.

Vibrators have apparently become more sophisticated than I realized.

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