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Pounds and Pounds of Meat

Gods...I've been working on the pictures of the meat for hours now. Do you have any idea how long it takes to download, resize, rename, upload, and then add captions for 129 pictures? I've finished a bunch but I'm still working as I'm writing this. I could use a break and I want to see how it looks so I figure I'll post first and keep editing in new stuff as I go. I have one request for anyone looking at these pictures. PLEASE do NOT refresh or enter this thread multiple times. Save my bandwidth so more people can see these pictures. The site I have the pictures on will shut down if there's too much traffic for a hour at a time and I'm trying to maximize those who can see them.

Madhatter-Madkitty. Here we see kitty with what must've been a gallonsized vat of vodka that she brought.

Sabine looking at some vintage postcards that she had purchased.

Introducing the mystery guest: Gravedigger. Looks funny without his hair dosen't he? He's hugging himself in terror at the hoard that just descended down upon him.

CandieRain. Isn't she cuuuuuuuuuuute?

MadHatter-Perdita-Beef. Beef's obviously showing that she has washed her hands and is ready for dinner. Perdy seems skeptical.

These were the martinis from hell that kitty was making with her vat of vodka. The fumes from these things could easily strip paint. Even trip gave up after only a few sips. Only kitty kept managing to down these, and man, did she.

Madkitty-Candierain. Who wants another hugeass martini?

Madkitty: 'WHAT?!?! What do you mean we're out of booze?!?!' (She is a mean mean drunk btw.)

Perdita-Vashka-Hatter. Chit-chat.


Woo all happy, happy.

Beef-Gravey. Not sure exactly what grave is fiddling with down there.

Beef-Sabine. Of course, no 10 minute period can pass without sabs doing something pseudo-sexual. Surprisingly, this did not spark a game of grab the boobies.

Wooman-Hatter. More chitty-chatty.

Candie-Henwy. Not exactly sure why I'm sorta smirky there.

Oatmeal-Sabine. Sabs making faces.

Wooman-Trip-Sabine-Perdita-Candie-Hatter-Beef. Yet more chitty-chatty.

Woooo, the turkey and....I think that thing is stuffing on the left.

Hatter-Trip-Perdita-Oatmeal-Candie-Beef-Madkitty. Here's oatmeal showing off her...errr...okay, I don't remember what it was called anymore. It was barbie's original friend (not skipper) who got knocked up or something? Hell, I wasn't paying attention.

The dining table and flowers.

Vashka-Sabine. They seem to be getting along. It's hard to get photos of vashy. She always hides when she sees the camera coming.

Trip-Hatter-Vash-Perdy-Beef-Sabine. Wooo! Food's done. But do we eat? Nooooo. Instead we all venture to the roof. Chilly out too.

Trip-Hatter-Oatmeal-Vash. The skyline.

Hatter-Candie-Kitty-Sabs-Beef-Perdy. Spiffy deck.

Beef. Erm. Apparently I forgot to rotate this picture. Well, I can't be bothered now. I've been at this for hours just trying to get this crap up and running. Just turn your head to the left. Beefy holding up the evil doily.

Wooman-Trip. Not sure what they're looking at here.

Henwy. Yep, yep. Taking photos of yourself at arm's length = lame.

Kitty-Hatter-Woo-Oatmeal-Gravey. Kitty with yet another gigantic martini.

Oatmeal-Trip-Kitty-Woo-Hatter-Oatmeal-Perdita-Beef-Candie-Gravey-Henwy-Vash. Weee, cue the group photo! 12 sissies to be joined later by Berba, frig, spooks and mrs spooks.

Dr.Frig-Woo-Trip. Friggy finally showed up. And of course, Trip took this as the oppertunity to foist off his paint-thinner martini off on him.

Kitty-Perdita-Sabine. Lounging.

Woo-Trip-Kitty. Kitty: 'Want more booze? It's over there.' Trip: 'Nuh-uh'

Vashy. Awwwwwww. Isn't that sweet?

Perdy-Sabine. The giant martini strikes again.

Dinner is served. Look at the little fairies flying around the light and the perty flowers.

Turkey, pasta salad, rolls, sweet potatos, cheesy potatos. Hatter did the honors of slicing the turkey.

Trip finds the special prize Vash hid in the cheesy potatos.

We've all decided that Vash must wear a hairnet when preparing food from now on. Trip went on to find yet another hair later, but this one lighter colored and shorter. Go figure.

Hey, even the doily has to eat. It's currently secreting its digestive juices on what's left of the turkey and then absorbing it.

I'm pretty sure this was when I tried to snap a picture of vash and she saw me coming.

Closeup of those fairies hanging over the dining table.

Trip-Candie. Candie: 'I just know he's up to something....'

Trip-Candie-Berba. After-dinner relaxing.

Woo-Perdy-Beef-Hatter. More after-dinner chit-chat.

Gravey-Trip-Candie-Sabs-Beef. The dreaded game of cranium. God have mercy on us all.

Sabs-Oatie-Candie-Berba-Mrs Spook-Spooky. Cranium Teams: Boys (Henwy-Grave-Trip) vs Girls (Candie-Sabs-A whipped Berba), Couples (Spook-Mrs Spook-Perdy-Beef) vs Misc(Oatmeal-Vash-Kitty-Frig)

Wooooo. We summon the dark sissy Gods. Return to us the lights and save us from this game of Cranium.

Spook-Beef-Perdy. What's worse than playing cranium? Playing cranium in the dark. :)

Kitty-Vashy. Well at least someone is having fun. With the evil Beethoven looking on.

Spook-Beef-Perdy-Frig. Still playing cranium.

Gravey-Trip. My useless team. Slackers! SLACKERS!

Speaking of evil beethoven. I hear there's a story if you fall asleep in oatmeal's place beethoven's head will float down in the middle of the night and try to suck out your soul.

Berba-MrsSpook-Spook. Still playing in the dark.

Mrs Spook-Spook-Beef-Perdy-Frig. Bleh. And in the end the couples won. Here was the victory dance.

Mrs Spook-Spook-Beef-Perdy-Frig. Spooky: 'Now, now, honey. It's my turn to talk, remember?'

Trip-Candie-Sabine: And everyone looks at the pictures Sabs has taken. They were probaly dirty pictures knowing her.

Beef-Perdy. Eh, well apparently beefy didn't want her picture taken. It seems I'm getting the death glare here.

Sabine-Vashy-Kitty-Oatie. Post cranium mixer. Notice that giant vat of vodka is well gone by now, most of it floating around in kitty's bloodstream.

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