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Not necessarily for the faint hearted.

You should see the pictures I can't show.

Someone-Frig. We all know a chicago meat is never finished without some debauchery. Here you can see the various paraphenalia laid out for the horror to come.

A new use for nipple clamps, holding up stuffed animals. I'm sure that naughty tiger is only getting what's coming to it.

Kitty-Sabs. Sabs: 'WOW?!?! It has 3 speeds AND the kung-fu grip?!? MINE!!!! Hands off beeotch!'

Sabs: 'I'm not just the spokesperson, I'm also a client.'

Kitty on the bed.

Candie-Kitty. The calm before the storm.

Kitty-Sabs. Kitty playing with the flogger. Actually...I never did figure out if it was a flogger or an errrr, attachment for people who like to play ponygirls. When I broached that possibility, everyone stopped touching the 'handle' end.

Frig-Candie. Frig wearing his new blue bra. Dosen't it look good on him?

Sabs playing with her bondage gear.

Oatie-Kitty-Sabs. Kitty helps Sab get tied up.

The evil doily hanging off of some hooker heels.

Sabs-Frig. Sabs has been bad and has been handed over to Frig for punishment. The giant blue bra does sort of detract from his aura of authority though.

Kitty-Sabs. Kitty tries to pull Sabs into the bed.

Kitty-Sabs. Yet more debauchery.

Kitty-Sabs. And yet more.

Evil doily still hanging on hooker heels.

Sabs-Frig. Go nekkidness! Sabs helps to undress Friggy.

Sabs-Frig. Well the shirt's off. What do we take off next?

Everyone into the bed!

Sabs-Frig. I'm not sure if sabs is trying to tease frig's knee or maybe she's pointing at something else....

Kitty-Sabs-Frig. Looks like sab's blindfold has slipped a bit. Someone needs to tie that sucker on better.

Sabs-Frig. Well, all the naughty bits are now hidden from prying eyes.

I think this and the next set of photos stand for themselves without commentary.

Sabs-Frig: Frig: 'oh ohh Ohh Ohhh OHHH YES! YES! YES! I AM the Lizard King!'

Kitty-Frig: The aftermath.

Here we see oaty has been doing the 'under cover' work. No wonder kitty was purring all that time.

Frig-Sabs. Here we see that sabs is up for more, licking the hooker heels while frig is probaly reaching for a cigarette.

Vash-Gravey-Beef-Perdy-Sabs. I don't even recall what was going on here. THough you can see vashy has changed into her all pink PJs. Those little things on the pants say 'high maintanace'.

The kitty clevage shot that wasn't.

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