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And then they trekked for many miles and it was long before they slept...

So this was saturday afternoon. Here you will be introduced to the green lake of death and some other random shots I took that day.

Beef-Perdy-Pumpkin. The first thing I saw upon arriving at oatmeal's that day. Awww, look, they all match.

Beef-Perdy-Pumpkin. The ginger strike force.

Beef-Perdy-Pumpkin. It's almost enough to give you diabetes.

Trip by Oprah's sign.

Trip and the doily giving Oprah the finger. This was before her security guards came over and tried to kick his ass.

The first shots at the green lake of death. Here was berba standing on someone's gravestone.

Toppled gravestone.

Sabs looking sort of suspicious. I think she was trying to sneak off to tip over more tombstones.

Here was the 'infant daughter' tombstone. It looks like people had left a pacifier and a beaniebaby frog.

So sabs took this picture of me and said, 'act spooky'. Apparently I interpreted that as 'do an impression of godzilla attacking tokyo'.

Damnit. Forgot to flip this photo too. Okay everyone, you remember the drill from before. Turn your head to the left. Nice picture, no?

Here is the green lake of death. Two other people I don't know are in the foreground. I was quite disapointed. It wasn't green nor glowing.

The infant daughter tombstone again. I dared trip to desecrate the grave and steal her toys. He chickened out in the end. Damned if I was doing it. I just saw the ring a while back.

Berba crouched in a corner with his camera.

Timer feature = spiffy.

Sabs and Candie shooting the breeze.

Henwy-Sabs. Awwwwww.

Candie-Berba. Woooo, it's dark all of a sudden. Maybe we better go before the ghosts and monsters come out.


Sabs standing on another tombstone.

So I thoguht sabs was trying to do the Karate Kid crane kick at first, but I'm not sure exactly what she came up with in the end.

Perdy-Beef-Henwy-Sabs-Grave-Trip-Candie-Berba. The Green Lake of Death group shot.

Well, you had to see this coming. The minute that grave saw, well, graves he went right to it.

Here he is digging for all he was worth but the ground was quite hard. What he really needed was a good shovel.

Berba-Trip-Sabs. Another day in the ol' cemetary.

So we decided to cut through the woods instead of taking the long way around. Beef parked miles away and it was quite a trek. These woods sucked ass. Thorns and deadwood and naturey bullshit all over the fucking place. This picture is as we finally cleared the trees into a soccer field. We should have burned the forrest to the ground or have someone pave it over.

Wait! What's this? A convent of some sort?

Not exactly an inspiring name for a convent. As if they don't sound dreary enough in general.

Of course, it was then time to desecrate the virgin mary. That damnable doily jumped right up there.

Here's a picture of sabs worshiping and praying to the doily, committing the mortal sin of idolatry. Tsk, tsk.

This kitty had a green lolly the night before. By the time I remmebered to snap a photo some naughty sissy had run off with it.

Pumpkin the fat cat.

Gravey right before he had to leave for his 21 hour trip home.

Gods...berba sleeps like the dead. You can't wake him even if you try. I dropped a hugeass pillow that must've weighed aroudn 5 pounds on him...nothing. I had to squirt him in the face with water 4 times before he sputtered awake.

And we end with candie and trip. She was all tired and sleepy. It was 4am after all.

That's all folks.

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