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Sick to death of the constant whining

I'm tired of hearing the nonstop bitching whining and bellyaching by reservists and some of their whackjob families. No one forced you to sign up and isn't it a pity that you thought it was free money. Those who sign up for the reserves as ROTC member actually get up to 68,000 in scholarship money. That's not a little amount of money and the terms were spelled out for your sorry ass when you joined. You're responsible for your own actions, jackass. You took the calculated risk that you could just dick around on base playing grabass with the other wanks but now it turns out your country actually needs you and you whine about it. It galls the hell out of me that there are people there doing their service with honor, distinction, and courage and we focus on these whiney motherfuckers. I only hope to God that these wanks are the first ones shot over there. Maybe they can serve some purpose by sucking down a bullet instead of someone less deserving.

I only wish we could execute this son of a bitch.

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