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A beautiful day for tentacles

So tonight was movie night at Doc films and a few sissies and miscellaneous people showed up to take advantage of 'intrustive tentacles' and 'exploding torsos'. It was pretty spiffy. I haven't seen this thing all the way through since I was a teenager and ah, it brings back memories. Trip has promised to inform me if he has any whacky dreams tonight.

Here we have spooks approaching the building. Apparently the flash didn't agree with him.

Lori, someone who works at the lab.

Trip and Candie and Lori. Look how excited candie is.

The Trip posse. I never did get the names of any of these guys. They weren't very talkative when I met them.

Spooky when told that the tentacles in the feature film would not be coming from Cthulhu.

Candie, me, and spook. Candie's showing off the pug doggie that lori got with her happy meal earlier that night.

The trip friends again. They don't seem to like cameras.

Woo, movie's starting. I had planned to keep taking pictures throughout but some busybody jackass on the staff made me stop. So no tentacle pictures for any of you.

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