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Round and around she goes....

So, I think I just had one of those brushes with death people are always yaking about on talk shows. It was 4am and I was driving my ass home from having dinner with John and some other friends and playing board/card games. I decide to take LSD home, and of course, it's raining and thundering just in time for my return trip. So I'm cruising along doing 60ish when I hit a turn I've taken dozens of times before and poof. All of a sudden the car spins out of control and I'm doing a 360 loop de loop. All I can recall is seeing road, barrier, headlights, barrier, road, and so on and so on. Now, a good chunk of the voices in my head were currently chanting the lord's prayer, something that went kinda like 'Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh SHIT!'. What sort of distressed me after the spinning stopped was that I very clearly recall another part saying 'Weeeeeeeeeee' and flashing upon the mad hatter's teacups ride at disney world. Of course, by the time I could ponder this, I was perpendicular to the road and starring at the barrier that seperates the two directions of traffic. A few cars zip past and avoid me in the middle of the highway, and I then proceed to back up, flip the car into drive, and set off again as if nothing had happened. It was a sorta surreal experience and afterwards, as I was wondering the teacups ride, I thought it might be interesting if I could do it again. The car seemed like it was gliding on a cloud, just ultra smooth and going in circles. And I didn't even have to buy a ticket or wait in line to ride.

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