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Any day with new games is spiffy

I got home from a long day slicing rat brains to find my package of games! Weeeee. I picked up quite a few and I'm currently reading through the directions to see if I should bring them to the games night on saturday.

I picked up:
Carcossonne and expansions
Puerto Rico
The Great Brain Robbery
Star Munchkin: The Clown Wars

I'm definitely going to bring star munchkin and the expansion on saturday and leave the regular munchkin at home. Since the rules are the same and almost everyone played at least one game of munchkin, it should be an easy start and also provide new content. I read through the rules to acquire and I think I'll tote that with me too. It's a game of buying stocks, building coporations, and making money, money, money. I think oatie will like that one :P. Things were going so smoothly until I hit puerto rico. I spent the past 20 minutes reading the instructions and have finished around 1/3 of the total. It's so complex at the moment that I think if I tried to explain how it works candie and oatie's heads will pop off. I haven't even figured out a strategy yet to play the game....I'm just trying to work out the mechanics. The game has a lot of depth and I can easy see why it's gained so many converts. It's just going to be a rough haul to get everyone to a point of competancy to play it.

At the moment my list of games to bring consists of:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Killer Bunnies (by request)
Star Munchkin

I can probaly fit in one more in the time we have avaliable....

I'm thinking either Illuminati or Game of Thrones.

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