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'Latest Posts' Disapointment of the Day

Ever look through the latest posts thing and see a blog that you just KNOW would be perfect for mocking and it turns out to be friends only? I was just browsing and ran across this wankjob's journal anorexic_dreams. The name and the picture just screams entertainment and it's a pity I can't be there to metaphorically jump up and down on this person. Feh. Woe is me.

Here's the Bio: "control, it is all about control. i must get back onto that path of rightiousness, the path that leads towards the shining light, the path of worship. the irony lies in that which cannot be told, it lies in my lack of truth, i do not believe in gods. my deity of worship is ana."

Sometimes life just isn't fair. This would've been a lotta fun.

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