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Sissy Game Night Pictures

Welp, I finally got the pictures up and loaded. I've been procrastinating, trying to put off captioning all this crap but I figured I might as well get to it.

The evil, killer cat Pumpkin the Overlarge sits on his chair and surveys his domain. He managed to eat the damn coolwhip off of my brownie! But more on that later....

Kitty and Oatmeal.

Trip and Candie. Look! She's wearing her psycho bunny shirt in honor of the killer bunnies game I brought.

Candie-Kitty-Oatmeal. Here we were playing the buffy the vampire slayer board game. I, of course, played evil. Trip was Oz, Candie was Xander, Kitty was Willow, and Frig played Buffy. Frig managed to get buffy mauled and killed almost immediately.

Dessert! Angelfood cake with cool whip, strawberries and chocolate brownies. The cat snagged a taste when I put the plate down to play Acquire, which you can see in the background.

Here's trip reading the rules to acquire. Remember kids, knowing is half the battle.

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